Inforise IT is a well-established consulting service provider based out of Bahrain. We offer a wide range of solutions that are beneficial for both small and medium retailers such as POS System software, content management software, accounting software and many more.

We take pride to announce that we are the most trusted service providers of point of sales system software POS Bahrain. With Inforise IT POS system software, you can sell your products effortlessly and seamlessly.

Why Choose Inforise IT POS system Software ?

  • Inventory Management: you can track your inventory by keeping a check on your stock. This is a must-have feature for retailers.
  • Easy Installation and Interface: our POS system is very easy to install and is compatible with all types of web browsers. Also, the user interface is simple and efficient.
  • Sales Reporting: With our system, you can easily analyze your store sales data. Also, you can calculate the amount of revenue you are generating on each product.
  • Customizable: We brought to you a customizable point of sale system that you can customize as per your business needs.
  • Platform-independent: you can choose any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile of your choice to use our POS system.
  • Technical Support: we offer 24*7 customer support via chat, email or phone call.
  • Payment Options: our system processes all major credit cards.
  • Location-independent: you can manage more than one store locations in the same system.

All our customers are 100% satisfied and happy from our services. We have become the most renowned consulting service provider in Bahrain.

We strive to provide best quality services to our customers.

Customers who are looking for a robust, efficient and multi-tasking POS software in Bahrain, can contact us. We feel delighted to help our customers.

For any other information, you can write us at or call us at (+973)77366444.

POS System Software in Bahrain


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